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Metro Atlanta Violent Crime Defense Attorneys

Violent felony cases often come with charged emotions.  In many instances there is a victim or a family that feels like they have been hurt.  The prosecution often uses these victims as motivation for their zealous prosecution.  The law also is also stacked against a person in violent crime cases.  There are often sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimums that clients face if they are convicted.  These all but certain consequences make it ever more important for someone facing such a charge to not face that challenge alone.  If you are charged with a violent crime you need serious representation. 

Disputes between family members can become much more complicated when the police get called.  Many times when people live together, have lived together, or are married, prosecutors will file the charge under the Family Violence Act.  The abbreviation ‘FVA’ has huge impacts on your life and your case.  If you are ever convicted of a felony or misdemeanor under the Family Violence Act you can permanently lose your right to a firearm or ammunition.  You can also expect to enter the Family Violence Intervention Program.  Just because your family member wants to ‘drop the charges’ does not mean your case will simply go away.  You still need experienced counsel to represent you and bring the facts of your case and unique situation to light. 

At Spence & McPeek, we have had the pleasure of representing clients for crimes from simple assault, to battery, to aggravated assauly, kidapping and murder.  In each case we look to the unique facts that gave rise to the situation.  We would be glad to bring this experience to you in your case.  Please call us today at 404.236.6060 so that we can start working for you today.  We are located in the metro Atlanta area, but we are willing to serve clients with needs all over the north Georgia area.     


Even if the State's case against you is strong, you still need counsel in order to fight against any statutory minimums you may be facing.  In some instances there are ways to enter a plea that is below the statutory minimum.  A skilled attorney can see if that can happen in your particular case.   

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