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The attorneys at Spence & McPeek, LLC, located in Roswell, are skilled in the art of criminal defense.  This focus allows us to bring a unique skill and advocacy to our client’s criminal matters.  The representation at Spence & McPeek is built around one thing: protecting the rights of every client that we have the pleasure of meeting.

The firm of Spence & McPeek is dedicated to zealous criminal defense work.  In our role as defense counsel we have spent countless hours in courtrooms all over Georgia fighting for our clients.  This real and powerful experience is something we bring to each case, each client, every time.

Our attorneys have successfully handled cases from the simple to the complex.  In each of these matters we have strived to achieve the best possible outcome for our individual clients.  Sometimes we achieve the best possible result by negotiating a deal, and other times we defend our clients rights in the courtroom.  Either way, we are ready to work with you at Spence & McPeek.

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Jack Spence | Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Kristian McPeek | Criminal Trial Lawyer
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