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Experienced Representation for Appeals & Habeas Corpus

The attorneys at Spence & McPeek in metro Atlanta, have also handled post judgment appeals, interlocutory appeals, and petitions for habeas corpus.  We have handled appeals in the State of Georgia and before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Federal court as well.  We are familiar with the concerns that clients have, and the rigid rules and timelines that apply to appeals in Federal and Georgia courts.    

Appeals challenge the ruling a verdict of a lower court.  In a traditional appeal, you are arguing that there was a problem or mistake made by a lower court.  Common mistakes that form the basis for appeals are that the lower court was wrong about an objection, or that there was a mistake concerning some evidence, or that a client’s attorney made a mistake.  In an appeal a client argues that these mistakes impacted the verdict.  At Spence & McPeek, we have the skill to review events that took place and to put forth the best legal argument possible.

Another type of appeal is called habeas corpus.  This is essentially the last chance that someone has to challenge their conviction.  In a habeas corpus action you are arguing that there were flaws in the lower proceeding that were so severe that a client’s continued stay in prison is illegal.  Habeas corpus petitions are discretionary.  Common arguments made in a habeas corpus petition are that a Constitutional right of a person was violated, there were errors in the courts below, or that a person received ineffective assistance of trial or other appellate counsel. 

Just because there is a conviction does not mean that you are out of options or that your case is over.  But, there are important timelines in every appeal so call qualified appellate counsel today.  Call Spence & McPeek  at 404.236.6060, and schedule a free consultation.  We will discuss your case and your appeal with you today.     

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