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Misdemeanor Marijuana to Possession With Intent to Distribute

At Spence & McPeek, there is a large focus on defending people charged with drug crimes.  This is because drug offenses are prosecuted vigorously around the State of Georgia.  It is not uncommon for prosecutors to want jail or prison time for even first time drug offenders.

Drug charges often present complex factual and legal issues, and each case is unique.  In Georgia, the punishments for drug crimes varies depending on the substance, the amount, belief of intent to distribute the substance, and prior convictions.  Because there are so many factors at play in drug cases, it is important that you get an attorney experienced in defending drug charges.

We have had the pleasure of defending people who were charged with drug crimes ranging from marijuana, to methamphetamine, to prescription pills, to heroin and more.  In many drug cases the police seized the evidence.  A skilled attorney can review your case and determine if the police violated your Constitutional rights when they seized the evidence.  If that happened, an attorney may be able to prevent that evidence from coming in at trial against you.    

Also, in today’s current political climate, Courts are looking into more rehabilitative options for people charged with drug crimes.  Most, if not all, Georgia counties have a Drug Court Program.  At Spence & McPeek we have years of experience with these programs having sat as staff members in two difference drug courts.  We know how these programs operate, how they are staffed, and how to represent clients as they go through these programs.

From rehabilitation programs, to negotiations, to courtroom motions, at Spence & McPeek we have the skill and ability to defend anyone charged with a drug crime in Georgia.  Call us at 404.236.6060 to have us start working on your case today.

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