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In the state of Georgia most traffic offenses are treated as misdemeanors.  That means that most traffic offenses are crimes!  Many driving infractions will lead to points being assessed on your record.  These points range from 6 for charges like aggressive driving to 1 point for operating a vehicle while texting.  If someone gets more that 15 of these points in a twenty-four-month period, your driver’s license can be suspended.  People that are under 21 and 18 may even have their license suspended with fewer points.  For example, the license of any person under 18 who has accumulated four or more points in a 12-month period are subject to having their license suspended.

Someone who has had their licenses suspended and is caught driving can face even tougher punishments.  If a person is charged with driving while license suspended (DWLS) they face a mandatory two days in jail, in addition to other fines and penalties.  The minimums for driving while license suspended go up to 10 days for a second or third offense in five years.  A fourth conviction for DWLS within a five-year period can result in felony charges.

Traffic citations may seem like minor issues.  However, a simple lapse of memory can lead someone to forget to pay their citation or to attend court.  In these instances, a simple matter can lead to bench warrants, the suspension of driving provides, and driving while license suspended charges.  Just because a ticket seems minor, it does not mean that you may not benefit from having a skilled lawyer to assist you. 

At Spence and McPeek we handle many traffic tickets for our clients.  We can help in negotiations, reductions in charges or points, and can assist in clearing up any issues that have resulted in your failing to appear in court for your citation.  Traffic matters are crimes and should be treated as such.  Please call us 404.236.6060 if you have an outstanding traffic matter that you need help with today.   

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