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Criminal Defense Lawyers for Atlanta and North Georgia 

At Spence & McPeek, we are a firm dedicated to criminal defense.  We can defend you against all levels of criminal charges.  We handle cases in local, state and superior courts.  Our experience reaches to trials, motions practice, violations of probation, preliminary hearings, bond motions and plea negotiations.  We are also equiped to handle cases in Federal Court if you find youself or a loved one charged with a crime by the Federal Government. 

If you are not sure where your case falls, please call us at 404.236.6060 for a free consultation gain more understanding of your case and the nature of your charges.  

Drug Crimes - This includes possession of a controlled substance, possession with the intent to distribute, manufacturing, and trafficking.  There are many illegal substances ranging from marijuana, to methamphetamine to prescription pills if not lawfully prescribed to you.  Depending on the substance and the charge a drug crime can be either a misdemeanor or felony.

Violent Crimes - These include murder, aggravated assault, batter, assault and armed robbery.  If you have a specified connection to the other party these offenses may be considered as acts of "Family Violence". 

Driving Under the Influence- In Georgia there are two types of DUI charges: DUI per se and DUI less safe.  In a per se case the State has some test that shows your blood alcohol content was over the legal limit.  In a less safe case the State must show that you were under the influence of a substance that made you a less safe driver.

Juvenile - Children under certain ages can be charged with crimes in the State of Georgia.  Children charged with everything from simple traffic offenses to major felony charges can find themselves before a judge in Juvenile Court. 

Appeals - If you have been convicted of a crime in Georgia, there may have been mistakes at the trial.  These mistakes can form an appeal where you ask a higher court to review the case.  In certain instances, you can also file for habeas corpus as a special type of appeal in a criminal case.

Traffic - These are matters ranging from speeding, to following too close, to failure to move over.  In Georgia these are misdemeanor charges, i.e., crimes!

We have the experience in metro Atlanta and north Georgia to handle these types of cases as well as all other criminal matters such a probation violations.  If you are facing a criminal charge ensure that you do not face that challenge alone.  Call at 404.236.6060 or email us to see how we can help you.  

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